Showcasing Steve's fine art plein air art

Showcasing Steve's fine art plein air art

Visit my work in person!


Visit my work in person!

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The paintings on this site are Alla Prima/Plein Air works of art. I try to capture the mood of what I am feeling in the pieces that are displayed. 

Generate excitement


I am hoping to generate the same emotion I feel when I am out in the field creating what I love.

Close the deal


I take care of shipping and handling and my works come framed or unframed. You can also find my art on and type in Steven Jorde in the search.

About Me


My Background

I have been an artist pretty much my whole life. I am especially interested in plein air/alla prima painting and love the impressionist movement. The French impressionist Paul Cezanne said it best; ' without emotion is not art...', and I hope the viewers on this site will feel the emotion in my works.   

My mediums and other artistic tools

My Medium

My main medium of choice is professional artist' grade 3 oil paints, such as Windsor and Newton. I also love working with pencil and charcoal for sketching.

Pencils and sketch pad at the ready! I always carry a small sketch pad for quick draw.

My Inspiration

I get my inspiration from traveling to various places looking for that composition that gives me a "wow factor". I also subscribe to various magazines like American Art Review and American Fine Art Magazine. There are also varios APPS that are art-related that gives me inspiration.